West Coast Swing Weekend Course with Svetlana & Jon Arne

West Coast Swing Weekend Course with Svetlana & Jon Arne

The weekend 28-30. oktober, we will have two amazing dance instructors coming back to Trondheim, Svetlana and Jon-Arne! These two wonderful dancers and former NTNUI teachers have spread their wings last autumn, but we are lucky enough to have them back in Trondheim for a weekend course! 

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Svetlana & Jon Arne became instructors in the West Coast Swing (WCS) department of NTNUI Dance in 2013/2014, and made many people from Trondheim fall in love with the dance. During last year, Svetlana had to go back to Russia, and Jon Arne started working in Drammen. That did not mean they stopped dancing however!

Svetlana has travelled alot around in Europe, and is well known in the WCS-environment as a beatiful dancer and very competent organizer of everything in regard of dancing. She is well known in Norway but also in Moscow, and has reached the "Intermediate" level of competing. Svetlana has also danced other dance styles earlier, meaning her experience is far greater than you would think of only 3 years of teaching West Coast Swing.

Jon Arne is well known as a quick learner and a playmaker on the dancefloor, who has made it all the way up to the "advanced" level during his last 2 years of competing. He is a smiling, talented and humble asian that you certainly will like.

Together, the couple has a calm, yet effective and positive way of teaching, which makes them very interesting to listen and learn from.

The chance that you are given this weekend is very rare, since they live far from each other at the moment, but are joining together for this special occasion! Don't miss this chance :) 

At the bottom of this page you can watch some of their dances.

Registration & Prices

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  NTNUI Dance Member Student Others
Lvl 1 - Beginner Free 200 400
Lvl 2 - Improver 200 350 650
Lvl 3 - Intermediate 200 350 650

After registration, you will be sendt an e-mail with details regarding the payment. Please pay as soon as possible, as we will remove unpaid registrations after some time.

Remember to bring your NTNUI Dans member card or a Student card if you register for any of these categories.
Party passes are included for all who attend classes.
Otherwise, the fee is 80.- for Friday night and 100.- for Saturday night (Vipps or Cash at the door).

Information Regarding Levels

Lvl 1 - Beginner: 

You have never danced West Coast Swing before and want to learn fundamentals of WCS. The classes will be started from scratch and you will learn the basics. The classes will be devoted both to technique and cool variations of the basic elements. 

This level is also recommended for all who wants a complete recap of the basic elements and patterns. 

After this course you will be able to join our regular beginner classes at NTNUI Dans. 

Lvl 2 - Improver: 

Improver level is especially made for everyone who are already taking beginner classes from NTNUI Dans or Trondheim Swingklubb and therefore have danced for approximately 7-8 weeks. The classes will be devoted to the slightly deeper knowledge of the basics, some new cool moves and patterns, music interpretation and more.

Lvl 3 - Intermediate: 

Intermediate level is highly recommended for dancers who have been taking classes of WCS for more than half a year or people that travel to international events on a regular basis. You should have solid basics and be familiar with variation and styling. The classes will be devoted to advanced basics, advanced patterns, musicality and more. 

NB! If you doubt about the level you should sign up for, please, consult with your teacher :)

Pizza on Saturday

We will serve Pizza and Soda on Saturday evening at 20.00 before the party start. Pay for that with either Vipps or Cash at the door on friday or Saturday. The price for that is 60 NOK :)



In addition to Svetlana & Jon Arne, there will be several other teachers from NTNUI-Dance. Go check them out here!


The Location is Nyhavna Dansestudio, Skippergata 10, 7042 Trondheim.


Announcements will be done at our Facebook event page and through the email you register with.

If you have any questions, please contact us at dans-wcs-spm@ntnui.no.

Videos of Svetlana & Jon Arne

Svetlana & Jon Arne together: 

Video 1


Video 1


Jon Arne:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Tidspunkt: 28. October 19:30 - 30. October 17:00

Sted: Nyhavna Dansestudio, Skippergata 10, 7042 Trondheim


28. October 19:30 - 30. October 17:00


Nyhavna Dansestudio, Skippergata 10, 7042 Trondheim