Aerial hoop

Aerial hoop is an acrobatic artform, performed in a metal ring hanging from the ceiling. The hoop is used to perform acrobatic, elegant and neck breaking tricks and combos, including lifts, drops, flips and splits.

Aerial hoop

Hoop will challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and limits in a safe environment while having a ton of fun. You don’t need any previous experience, as you will learn everything you need in our classes while we are building up both strength and flexibility, hanging upside down or balancing in the hoop. It really is quite addicting and we hope you will come join us for one of the most entertaining ways to practice dance, work on your acrobatic skills and work out at the same time!

schedule fall 2021

All of the classes will be held at Båtmannsgata 4


Start up: 

We start with classes: Monday 13th of September

Registration opens: Friday 10th of September at 17.15 (5.15pm)

Link to registration will be posted: in our facebook-group "NTNUI Dans Aerial Hoop"

Questions? Email us at

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