This level focuses on safety, basic techniques and building strength. You don’t need any previous experience, and all though some strength and flexibility will help, it is not required to begin, since we will be working on this throughout the semester. This course will be focusing on basic tricks and poses, putting them together in different ways and building up your tolerance and confidence to take your silks to the next level.

Your instructor: Stine og Hedda

Litt Øvet

This level requires that you pass a small grading test, showing that you have mastered the basics. This course will be building on our intro course where we will be working with more advanced tricks and combinations. We will also focus even more on technique and give you the tools you need to grow as an aerialist.

Your instructor: Didrik og Anniken


Øvet is our highest level, where we will work on even more advanced tricks and work together to find new poses and ways to move in the silk. This level also requires a passed grading test for you to join the course. At this level we will use the creativity and strengths of the group to help every single person reach their potential in the silk.

Your instructor: Vilde og Didrik