1. Do I need a partner to attend the courses?

You don't need a partner to attend beginner, intermediate or the socialdance since we are rotating partners. You will need a partner to join the couples training.

2. How much does it cost?

To attend the courses you will have to be a memeber of NTNUI Dance. Membership in NTNUi Dance can be bought from the instructors at the courses, or on the website of NTNUi Dance. 

3. Is it possible to try the firsst course for free?

Yes. The two first weeks in each semester is free, but after this you will need the memberships discussed in point 2.  

4. What is the "dresscode"?

Feel free to use whatever you find comfortable. We recommend using regular training clothes on the courses, since it is quite possible that you will work up a sweat. Comfortable shoes that do not stick to the floor is also recommended. 

If you still have some questions send an e-mail to dans-boogiewoogie@ntnui.no