Irish Step

Are you a great fan of Michael Flatley’s „Riverdance“? Do you love Irish music and pubs? Did you always want to try a folk dance? Then you will have the opportunity to experience all that in this course!

Irish Step

Courses start August 27th 2019

Partier høsten 2019:

Nybegynner:  tirsdager 18.00-19.00 Sal 2, Båtmannsgata 4. 

Litt øvet: tirsdager 19.00-20.00 Sal 2, Båtmannsgata 4.  

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Irish Step Dancing is a traditional Irish Folk Dance that gained worldwide attention through the shows of Michael Flatley, especially in the 1990’s.

Irish Dance originated in Ireland as a part of the social life (e.g. weddings or fairs). In the early 18th century, so called ‘masters‘ travelled around Ireland to teach the inhabitants of parishes Irish Step Dancing. They introduced a more disciplined style of dancing and a basic eight bar structure of movements (‘steps’) which is exactly how Irish Dance is practised today. By the end of the 19th century the Gaelic League was responsible for the promotion of all aspects of Irish Culture, including Irish Dance which became more and more known as ‘National Dancing of Ireland’.

The image of Irish Dance has changed profoundly since then. Costumes and make-up used in competitions don’t reflect Irish identity anymore, and a lot of teachers and dancers have no Irish connection whatsoever. The dance form itself is open to change, variation and experiment but always requires extreme discipline.
Nevertheless, Irish Dancing is practised all around the world, celebrated at championships and St. Patrick’s Day, bringing together people of any age and nationality.

You don’t have to know anything about steps or techniques or bring original Irish Dancing shoes since they are quite expensive! For the course ballet slippers and the like are sufficient.

We will start off with basic soft shoe steps that we use in dance routines and group dances.



Foto: Tobias Hartvedt Knudsen