Contemporary classes spring 2021:



Beginner A



Båtmannsgata 4, sal 1

 Victoria R. Eldby

Beginner B

Thursday 18:30-19:45 Båtmannsgata 4, sal 2 Lotte Lie Duestad 




Nyhavna sal 1 (Skippergata 10)

Vetle Rem




Båtmannsgata 4, sal 2

Marie B. Midthun & Helle Iveland

Highly Advanced


20:00-21:15 Båtmannsgata 4, sal 2

Ellen V. Håvoll & Selma Lerkerød Flo


Ordinary classes: Starts in week 5, February 1st. You have to be granted a spot to attend a class. See information below about registration. Changes can occur due to Covid-restrictions, keep yourself updated by visiting our webpage and Facebook page.

Try-out week: Due to Covid-19, there will be no try-out-weeks this semester. 


Membership: To sign up for a dance class, you must create a profile at http://pamelding.ntnuidans.no. You will receive an e-mail, and then you can log in to the website to see if you are offered a spot, or if you are in a waiting-list. If you are offered a spot, you need to pay two fees to be able to attend classes at NTNUI Dans: the NTNUI fee (550 NOK) and the instructor fee (600 NOK for the entire school year). You will receive an e-mail with information about the payment for the instructor fee. The NTNUI fee can be bought at a SiT training-center, and is included in the SiT-membership. Send your verification-code for the instructor fee to pamelding.sceniskurban@gmail.com. Bring your student card and your NTNUI fee/SiT-membership to your first class and show it to your instructor.


About the classes: We want you to get a good experience and enough space in the dancing class, and that is why we want you to sign up to participate in the classes. The principle of «first come, first serve» applies here. Registration opens January 29th at 5pm. Before you sign up, you must register a profile at http://pamelding.ntnuidans.no.

If you don’t get a spot in the class(es), you can apply for a refund of the instructor fee. The application must be sent to pamelding.sceniskurban@gmail.com within the deadline.
Your application will NOT be accepted if you choose to NOT attend the classes where you have been offered a spot. The applications will only be approved if you don’t get a spot in ANY of the classes you register for within the two first weeks of the semester, or if you are unable to participate this semester, due to injury or illness. 

You can only enter one class in each style within the scenic, street and commercial section, not counting the highly advanced levels. You can apply for several classes in the same style, but will only be offered one spot in one class, so apply for the classes you prefer. This means that you cannot go both modern beginners class A and B for instance, or jazz beginner and jazz intermediate. 
Girly Hip Hop and regular hip hop classes (including lyrical) are not regarded as the same styles, so you can take a girly hip hop class and a hip hop class the same semester.
 Our styles are ballet, hip hop(including lyrical),  Girly hip hop, Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, break, modern and contemporary fusion.

Questions? Send an e-mail to dans-ssk@ntnui.no


Contact information electoral representative: Reach Vetle by sending a mail to  vetle_k_rem@hotmail.com