Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost? 
You must be a member of both SiT and NTNUI Dance to join our courses. As an NTNU student, the NTNUI membership is included in the SiT-membership price. The NTNUI Dance membership kosts 600 NOK and is valid for the entire school year (fall and spring semester). This membership can be purchased on our website once you have created an account/user. You will need to show the receipt (sent to your e-mail) and your SiT membership card to your dance instructor when attending your first class. You will then be given a dance card, which will be proof of your membership. This dance card will give you entry to all our classes.

Is it possible to try the first class for free? 
The first two weeks of every semester are free trial weeks. These two weeks give you the opportunity to try out different classes, styles and levels so that you can find out which class/es you like the best. However, to join NTNUI Dance after these weeks, you must purchase a membership. Note: If your dance class is at Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen during the trial weeks, you must buy a day pass or have a SiT-membership to get into the training centre.

Who can become a member of NTNUI Dance? 
All NTNU students are welcome to join our classes as long as they purchase a SiT-membership and have signed up with NTNUI (this is done when the SiT-membership is purchased). You will then get a sticker on your membership or student ID card, that you will need to show in order to purchase a membership with NTNUI Dance. Students from other schools than NTNU cannot join NTNUI classes without an approved application.

Is an NTNUI-membership mandatory? 
Yes, everyone who wants to join NTNUI Dance must have an NTNUI-membership. This price is included in the SIT-membership, if you are an NTNU student. However if you are not an NTNU student, this membership must be purchased through SiT. Go to the reception desk at any of the SiT training centres for more information.  

Where is Nyhavna?
Our classes are held at three different locations: Nyhavna, Nyhavna 2 (earlier named "Xact Dance Studio") and at Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen. The Nyhavna dance studio is on the 2nd floor at Skippergata 10, Trondheim. Click here for directions.

Where is Nyhavna 2? 
Our classes are held at three different locations: Nyhavna, Nyhavna 2 (earlier named "Xact Dance Studio") and Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen. The dance studio named Nyhavna 2 is on the 4th floor at Båtmannsgata 4, Trondheim. Click here for directions.

Dance card refund 
Refunding dance cards due to medical and/or student reasons that prevent you from using your dance card is possible. Exchange is an example of student reasons. It is possible to apply for a refund if you are an exchange student in Trondheim during the fall or if you are going on exchange in the spring. Fill out this form to apply for a dance card refund: https://forms.gle/jhaabZDnuvRvu9MYA.

Students that do not go to NTNU and would like to dance with us must apply for an exemption. For more information on how to apply for an exemption, go to this site.

How do I get in contact with the section´s elected representative?
NTNUI Dance are constantly looking to improve. If you have any feedback or something you would like to bring up, the instructors are interested in hearing about this. If you do not want to take it directly to your instructors, the section of scenic, street & commercial have an elected representative named Vetle Rem. You can reach him at: vetle_k_rem@hotmail.com


If you have other questions, please, send an e-mail to: dans-ssk@ntnui.no