Originates from the Middle East and is also known as "belly dancing"


Oriental dance, commonly called ”belly dancing”, is one of the oldest dance forms known. Its origins are from folk dances from the Middle East, Turkey and North-Africa. Oriental dance for the stage, the cabaret dance, was developed in the twenties in Cairo, and it contains elements from other dance forms like the ballet and jazz.

Oriental dance is not just a dance art for the stage, but also a cultural and social dance. At last but not least it is good exercise, and gives room for exploring both your femininity and your sensuality. Oriental dance fits all body types. The movements are gentle, and it strengthens the core musculature and gives you a better body posture. This class is for beginners.

Classes are every Sunday: Kjellersalen Idrettsbygget kl. 13.30-15.00
Week 34 and 35: You can try the class for free

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Wear regular training clothes. A scarf around the hip can be useful.