Poledance is a form of executive art that combines dance and acrobatics with a vertical pole.


Poledance combines both strength, flexibility and gracefulness to make a powerful expression on stage where you can combine elements of floorwork, as well as daring stunts. It’s a form of dance with few limits, and you can put your own spin on it by taking inspiration from hip hop, jazz or salsa, or any other dance style that you like.

Whether you have any experience related to poledancing or not, it’s a great form of exercise where you activate almost your entire body, and increase both strength and flexibility. This form of dance fits all ages and you can do it regardless of current fitness level, whether you haven’t exercised in a while or you exercise 5 times a week, you just play with the pole and have fun. Poledance focuses on learning new and exciting techniques, and gradually master these, it gives you a great sense of achievement and you can really see your own progression.

A goal for NTNUI Dans it to make poledance a fun and positive experience that can challenge and inspire.

We will not be accepting walk-ins for this class due to safety and limited equipment.

How to sign up 

You sign up by registration in the Google form that will be published in the NTNUI Dans facebook page, in the NTNUI Dans Poledance facebook group and here. You should know beforehand what class you want to sign up for. It is only possible to choose one class as you are only allowed to participate in one level specific class. If you make a mistake in the form we are not able to correct it, so then you need to send in a new form with correct info. This will put you in the back of the line, so please fill in the form correctly. If you have priority from last semester you need to register by Wednesday for it to be valid. 

Nybegynner (beginner) A, B and C is the same course. This also goes for Litt øvet A and B.

Obs. Remember that in order to sign up for anything other than Poledance Nybegynner you need to have passed a grading test. 


Send all inquiries regarding the registration to dans-poleogaerials@ntnui.no


None of our classes are drop-in, so you need to get a spot to attend our courses.

If you register for litt øvet, øvet or avansert, please keep in mind that you need to have passed a grading test first.

To attend the heels class you need to have attend the beginnner course atleast once, or one of the higher levels or have previous experience in poledance.

If you have any questions, please direct them to dans-poleogaerials@ntnui.no


Schedule Fall 2022

All the classes will be held at Skippergata 10 (except show saturday)

Show (saturday) is held at Båtmannsgata 4

Start up: 

We start with classes: Monday 12.september

Registration opens: Friday 9.september at 18.00

Link to registration will be posted: in our facebook page NTNUI Dans and in the facebook groups 

Any questions? Email us at dans-poleogaerials@ntnui.no

Social media

Instagram: ntnuidanspoleandaerials
Facebook:  NTNUI Dans Poledance