Aerial arts

NTNUI Dans offers two genres under Aerial arts; hoop (also known as lyra) and silks (tissues). Aerial arts is still not well known in Norway, but is growing internationally as more and more dance studios are offering it. 


NTNUI Dans currently offer two levels for both hoop and silks; intro and open level. 


The intro level starts from scratch and does not require any experience with aerial arts or any form of acrobatics. The course focuses on safety and getting comfortable in the air. You will learn climbing techniques, as well as some poses and how to secure others while they try. 

Open level

This level requires that you pass a practical test, to show that you have mastered the basics and can practise on your own. These classes will often not have a strict schedule, but rather an instructor present to guide and help with what you want to learn.


Will be anounced in January.

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