Nybegynner - Beginner
This level is for those of you who have never, or just briefly tried poledance and want to learn basic moves. Classes cover spins, kicks, poses and transitions. Focus lies on attitude and basic technique, and aims to build strength towards tougher tricks.

This semester we will open for 18 students, this means 2 students per pole!

Beginner A: Instructors are Katrine (katrine.holm@ntnui.no) and Johanne (Johanne.omland@ntnui.no).

Beginner B: Instructors are Pernille (pernille.landro@ntnui.no) and Julie (julie.langeland@ntnui.no).

Beginner C: Instructors are Cathrine (cathrine.nostvold@ntnui.no) and Marianne (marianne.madsen@ntnui.no).

Litt øvet - Intermediate
Litt øvet is for the slightly more experienced poledancer. Here we work on control and balance. We take the basics from Intro and build into basic inversions, leg hangs and transitions between tricks. The main focus in security, and a lot of the time we will work together in pairs to help each other. A grading test must be passed to participate in Level 1.

Litt øvet A: Instructors are Ida (ida.krog@ntnui.no) and Rebecca (rebecca.bang@ntnui.no).

Litt øvet B: Instructors are Kaisa and Sonja (contact dans-poleogaerials if you have questions before class).

Øvet - Intermediate +
Øvet is for the even more experienced poledancer. You have to feel comfortable and safe on the pole. This level uses tricks from both nybegynner and litt øvet to build into intermediate tricks and transitions such as new grips, caterpillar and plank. A grading test must be passed to participate in øvet.

Avansert – Advanced
Avansert is for the even more experienced poledancer. You have to feel comfortable and safe in the intermediate tricks. This level uses tricks from øvet to build into advanced tricks and transitions. A grading test must be passed to participate in avansert.


Heels is a class where we focus on flow around the pole and floorwork. In this class you will learn fundamental techniques to master poledance in heels. You will learn how to move around the pole, how to get down to the floor, and up again. You will also learn floorwork and transitions between different elements on the floor. Floorwork means all the movements, tricks and dancing on the floor.

We will use high heeled shoes designed especially for poledance in this class (eg. hella heels or pleasers). It is possible to attend the class without shoes, but we do not allow shoes that are not designed for poledance. You should also bring knee pads to the class.

To attend the class you need to attend the intro course or have previous experience in poledance. If you have any questions regarding shoes or anything else, send an email to  dans-poleogaerials@ntnui.no

Instructors are Ingvild (ingvild.haneberg@ntnui.no) and Marjeris


Show group
Every semester NTNUI Dans hosts a show at Samfundet with Storsalen filled to the brim with people. The poledance group is very excited to participate in this event, and every year we have classes committed to working toward making a great show. We create a routine that fits the number of participants that wants to join the show. There is no level limit. We hope as many as possible wants to join the show! To see what we have done previous years visit the ‘Media’ page you can find in the sidebar.

More info on the show trainings will come.

The grading test is arranged either at the end of each semester or at the start of a semester, or both. If it is before the semester it usually happens 1-2 weeks before the regular classes start. If you’ve never been a student on one of our courses at a lower level, but want to try the grading test for litt øvet, øvet or avansert, e-mail us at dans-poleandaerials@ntnui.no. The timeslots for the grading tests will be published in our facebookgroup NTNUI Dans Poledance.

For your own safety we recommend that you don’t use the following products before attending a class: bodylotion, sunscreen, handlotion or similar products. This is because all of these hinder you from a good grip, as well as leaving traces on the pole that will affect your fellow polers. The poles have a ‘grip finish’ that can scratch easily, which means you’ll have to remove all rings, bracelets, earrings and body piercings during the workout. This also goes for any buttons or zippers on the clothes that can cause harm to the pole.

Our Poles are also chrome based.