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NTNUI Dans Salsa is a part of NTNUI Dans pardans. This semester, fall 2022, we offer beginner classes in LA salsa, cuban salsa and bachata/kizomba. These styles of couples dances are well suited for social dancing. In all of our classes we focus on teaching leading and following techniques in order to be able to dance together in couples and have fun!

Salsa is a popular dance style all around the world. In many cities across the world you find a salsa community and bars where salsa music is being played and danced to. The salsa community in Trondheim is well established. The community consists of students and non-students from a variety of different professions, fields, cultures and nationalities. It is a warm and welcoming environment where beginners and experienced dancers socialize and dance together.

It is when you bring what you have learned out to the dance floor you really understand why it has become so popular! Every Monday we meet at Me nightclub. A variety of Latin music is being played. A mix of salsa, bachata, kizomba and sometimes cha-cha. Other salsa events like social parties, workshops etc. are regularly being arranged in Trondheim. NTNUI Dans Salsa also arranges our own salsa parties in Nyhavna. In other words, Trondheim offers a large variety of opportunities to practise what you learn in class and meet new people who likes to dance and have fun.

Questions? Send an email to or reach out to us in our facebook group