Cuban Salsa - Beginner


In this class previous experience is not necessary. All you need is to be willing to learn and have fun.

Course content

The course is mainly focused on couple dancing, although several solo-dance moves and footwork will be also introduced. This course will provide you with the foundation of salsa in terms of rhythm, counting, cuban partnerwork and more. Two main parts are found throughout the course: couple dancing and Rueda de casino.

As the name suggests, couple dancing aims to help you develop the necessary skills for you to be able to dance with a partner. Frame, posture, social etiquettes and of course, dancing patterns, are just some of the topics addressed here. On the other hand, Rueda de casino consists in a synchronized-type of social dance as pairs form a circle and moves are called out by one of the participants. For many dancers this is by far the most fun part of Cuban salsa.

Class structure 

Classes usually start with a 10 minutes warmup that includes both body isolations and salsa footwork and basic steps. After this, a recap of what was taught in the last class is carried out so that students get to remember and clarify their doubts. Later, new patterns and figures are explained in detail, and combinations of previously learned moves are created for the students to gain understanding on how they can connect one with another. Finally, the last part of the class is typically dedicated to Rueda, where we go through old patterns and learn new ones.

During the whole class questions are more than welcome and students are encouraged to express their doubts when something has not been very clear or more explanation is needed. Besides, songs are often played for the students to practice (this is done basically in every part of the class: recap, learning new moves, Rueda).

You do not need to come with a partner. Couples are formed with the participants of the class and rotate. If you come with someone and do not want to change partners, we will respect that; although we do not recommend it as salsa is a social dance and there is no better way to learn than dancing with different partners.