Beginner-classes for spring start Thursday 24.01.19! See time and location under FAQ. 

Salsa is a couples dance with increasing popularity accross the world, and it is flourishing in Trondheim! The dance, which has its roots from Cuba has developed into several styles. Here at NTNUI Dans we have chosen to go with the cross body style salsa, or more specifically the LA-style salsa, which developed in the clubs of Los Angeles in the 1970s.

Even though salsa is well suited for show, it is best known for being a high-spirited social dance, and it is when you bring what you have learned out to the many dance floors across the world that you can really understand why it has become so popular!

So join us and become addicted to the latin rhythms! At mondays we meet at Me nightclub, where energetic latin music make sure your feet always move. Here the students meet with SalsaNor and the rest of Trondheims salsa dancers. In between all the salsa music the DJs also play some bachata, kizomba, and merengue, which are relaxing dances in between highly energetic salsa.