This is the group for those of you who have never danced salsa before, and for those of you who have tried it before but want to improve your basic technique. At the beginners course, we teach the fundamentals of salsa with a lot of exciting figures that can be used for social dancing.


This is the level for you who have danced salsa before and know the basic principles in the dance. You will learn a lot of new figures, and you will be introduced for new elements that can help spice up your dancing! The main part of the cours will focus on salsa as a social dance, but some show-elements might also be added to this level.

To participate at this level, you need to have participated in classes at a beginner level before. You need to be able to dance freely to salsa music, at a beginner level.


This class is for the dancers who want to take their salsa further, and does not get enough challenge through the intermediate class. In advanced you will learn more techniques and more advanced figures to play with on the dance floor.