Frequently asked questions

If you have questions or want to chat with the instructors, send an e-mail to:
dans-salsa@ntnui.no, or write on our facebook page: Salsa NTNUI Dans.


Level Time Place First class
Beginner Thursdays 19:30 - 21:00      Sal 1, Båtmannsgata 4     24.01.19
Intermediate   Thursdays 21:00 - 22:30 Sal 1, Båtmannsgata 4 24.01.19
Couple training Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:00 Sal 2, Skippergata 10 29.01.19

1. Where are the classes being held?

Most of our activity is held at one of our two Dance studios, both located just a minute apart in Nyhavna. One is located in Båtmannsgata 4 and the second at Skippergata 10. 

The beginner and intermediate classes are held at Dance Studio Båtmannsgata 4 (Sal 1). For couples training we have to our disposal Sal 2 at Dance Studio Skippergata 10. We recommend you make an appointment with a dancepartner in advance when going to these classes. Bring your own music. Click the time table to see in what rooms the classes are being held.

Throughout the semester we host some social dancing events which are also held in one of these to studios.

2. Do I need a partner to attend the courses?
No, you do not need a partner. At our courses we always switch partners, which means that during a salsa lesson you will be dancing with many different people. Salsa is social dancing at its best, and it is important to learn how to adapt to the people you dance with.

3. Can you try it out for free?
The first two weeks of the dance semester, we offer try-out-weeks at NTNUI Dans, which means that you can attend the classes during these weeks without membership! After these two weeks you need to have a membership to NTNUI Dance (Dancecard) to attend.

4. What does it cost?
If (when) you find out that you want to continue throughout the semester, the fee is 300 NOK for the dance card at NTNUI Dans, which will be valid Spring of 2019.

5. What does the "NTNUI Dans" dance membership give you access to?
This membership grants you access to all of NTNUI Dans regular courses, included but not limited to Salsa, Boogie Woogie, Hip Hop, Lindy Hop, Jazz dance, and much more!

6. Who can join NTNUI Dans?
If you are a student at NTNU or HIST, then you can join NTNUI Dans if you are registered as a NTNUI member (this in included when you pay the SiT Training fee, or can be bought seperatly, 550 NOK a year, in the reception at any SiT Sports center). You will get a sticker to put on your gym card/student id card, which you need to show us when you want to get the NTNUI Dans membership. Students from other schools than NTNU and HIST can not take part in the NTNUI groups.

7. Where can i get the "NTNUI Dans" membership?

NTNUI Dans-membership is to be purchased around every beginning of semester, when the dance classes start too. It is first bought online on this website (ntnuidans.no - register and pay fee online), and then you pick up the physical dance card during the 3rd and 4th class from your instructours. The procedure will be further explained during the first two classes (which are free, so there's time) and on our facebook-group, so look there for more information. 

NB: Although we encourage all to pay the fee online, you may also pay the membership with cash if you are unable to do it using this webpage. If so, please bring the exact amout to class. We do not accept payment by debit/credit card/Vipps. 

If we offer any classes or activity in one of SiTs' sports centers, you'll need a membership there too to be able to enter the facilities. Normally, we try to keep our activity in our Dance studios. More information about the SiT sports center membership at www.sit.no.