What should I wear? 

Wear clean and comfortable clothes. Considering that we dance close in couples during the classes it is best to maintain good hygiene.
You can dance with your socks, or you can bring indoor shoes. It's better with soles that are a bit slippery and not sticky.

Do I need a partner for the sign-up?

No. All sign-up is individual. The best learning outcome comes from rotating between different partners. We rotate quite often during all of our dance classes. We do not recommend dancing with the same partner every class because learning how to adapt to different partners is crucial for mastering the social dance styles like bachata, kizomba and salsa. 

Should I dance as leader or follower? 

This is solely based on what you want to learn. The leader is the one that mainly initiates the dance pattern. The follower is the one that follows the pattern. Both roles can style and add personal touches as you dance. Traditionally the leader is maskuline, and the follower is feminine. But as the world moves forward, the roles and figures are being modernized and expressed differently.
If you are comfortable within one role, it could be a great challenge to try the other role.

Any social media I should follow?

Yes! We have a couple of social media pages (facebook and instagram) that we highly recommend you to follow to stay up to date with what is happening.

NTNUI Dans Salsa facebook group

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NTNUI Dans facebook group

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