Scottish Country Dance

Join the newest dance style in NTNUI Dans, Scottish Country Dance - a social formation dance for pleasure and enjoyment.

Scottish Country Dance

Classes every Sunday (17.00) at Båtsmannsgata 4 Sal 2 

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First class Tuesday January 29th 2019

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) are the social dances of Scotland that have evolved from many traditions and are danced throughout the world by Scots and non-Scots alike. This form of dances is social by nature, it is danced mainly for pleasure and enjoyment. Its basic steps and formations are easy to pick up, but at higher levels the techniques and dances are quite challenging and could offer a great exercise for the body and the brain. SCD combines the elegance and courtesy of the ‘country dance’ and the energy and fun of ceilidhs (Irish and Scottish folk dances). Participants are grouped in to sets and dance specific sequence of formations, interacting with other couples and progressing through the dance set. 

The SCD's unique blend of wonderful music, disciplined dancing, intricate floor patterns and sociability appeals to many people throughout the world: the SCD groups can be found in Argentina, Japan, South Africa, USA, and many other countries. On the Easter weekend 2019 Paris will host few hundred young dancers from different countries for the greatest SCD youth event Spring Fling, so it is just the right time to start practicing! 

No dancing experience needed to start, just join us, bring comfortable clothes and soft shoes (sneakers should work too).