Latin & Ballroom offers three different levels

Beginners: for those of you that have little or no general experience with dancing from before. In the beginners class you will learn basic steps, basic technique and a lesser advanced choreography. 

Intermediate: for those of you who have danced at least one semester of Latin & Ballroom from before, or already have quite some experience from other dances and want a bigger challenge. In this class you will learn a more advanced technique, the tempo at the teaching is alternated, and the choreographies are more complex than at the beginner level.

Advanced: the level for you that has danced Latin & Ballroom for multiple semesters, and has some sort of experience with a majority of the dances. The main focus in the advanced classes are technique and dancing together. The choreographies will not be so difficult to learn, but more difficult to fully handle. Classes will mostly be separated in three parts where the first two consists of new information, and the last part will be a revisit of previously learned dances.