Latin & Ballroom offers two different classes: choreography-/show-training og technique training. Both classes is suited for beginners and more experienced.

Latin & Ballroom consists of ten dances, but because we only have classes once a week, we don't have time to teach every dance. Therefore we normally pick out two-three dances each semester that we mainly focus on. Additionally we also stop by some other dances dependent on what the students want to learn.


Spring 2019

Our main-dances this semester is Argentinian tango and samba. These dances will be teached in both classes.

  • Class 1 Tuesday 17:00-18:00: technique-training. This class is suited for both beginners and those more experienced. 
  • Class 2 Tuesday 18:00-20:00: choreography-training/showtraining and learning of basic steps. This class is suited for both beginners and those more experienced.