Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need a partner to attend the classes?

No, you don't need a partner. We will rotate partners during the class, so you will get the chance to dance with everyone. However, we encourage you to bring your friends :) 

2. How much does it cost?

To attend tango classes, you need to be a NTNUI and NTNUI Dans member. Prices are in spring 22 for a year of NTNUI membership 500 NOK and for a year of NTNUI dans membership 400 NOK. It will give you access to other NTNUI Dans classes, not only tango, and a lot of social events. Check out the main page for all the dance styles you can choose from!

3. What shoes and clothes should I wear?

Clothes: Wear clothes that you will feel comfortable dancing in! It can be regular exercise clothes or comfortable and nice pants or skirt/dress. The most important thing is that the clothes will not limit your movements.
Shoes: In the beginning dancing with socks is just fine. If you plan to continue with tango and participate in social dance evenings it is nice to have a pair of dance shoes. There are a few stores in Trondheim with dance shoes that are good for dancing as you are starting out. Shoes that are made specifically for tango you can find in Oslo. If you travel in any big city abroad there are shops with tango shoes. There is a used sale among tango dancers arranged once or twice every year in Trondheim. We do not recommend sneakers or other shoes with a rubber sole. Ask instructors for more recommendations!