West Coast Swing (often abbreviated as "West Coast" or "WCS") is a partner dance that can be danced to almost any kind of music, including blues, R&B and pop. In addition, it provides room for both partners to improvise while dancing. This makes it perfectly suited for social dancing.

Updated 16th of January 2019

This spring's beginner classes will begin on Thursday, 24th of January at 17:00, and will take place in room 1 (the window room) at Båtmannsgata 4.


Intermediate classes will begin on Tuesday, 22nd of January at 20:00, and will take place in room 1 (the window room) at Båtmannsgata 4, and will be welcoming anyone who has completed one of our beginner classes or similar! :)

The first week is a free try-out week! 


Some facts about WCS:

  • It has roots in Lindy Hop, but has been evolving alongside time and music
  • Easy and fast to learn: 5 core elements form the basic of this dance
  • You can dance WCS with any partner
  • Provides lots of space for improvisation and creativity in dance

Watch this video to get an introduction of West Coast Swing!

It is not necessary to bring a partner. We will rotate partners during class. 

Social dancing

The great thing about WCS is that it is a social dance which means a lot of parties, dance evenings, new friends, and lots of hugs, love and fun! There are many incredible events happening locally and internationally. 


It is also possible to take part in different competitions. It is optional, but it gives a wonderful opportunity to dance with other people and win amazing prizes. All the competitions are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Usually you do not need a permanent partner for competitions as social part is the main idea of WCS. Learn more about competitions at World Swing Dance Council.

NTNUI WCS Community

In addition to regular classes we usually have weekend classes, where you can recap what you have already learned or explore new amazing stuff, additional master classes, parties and dance evenings, movie nights, and even more. Join us and stay tuned! 

Still wondering why we love that dance?

Check this out. NB! Champion dancers alert :)

If you have any questions, just send us an email to  dans-wcs-spm@ntnui.no.