Guidelines for membership

Guidelines and information about membership and personal information

Participation in NTNUI Dance is eligible only for members in NTNUI who have paid dance card fee. The fee is either for an entire school year (fall and spring) or for spring semester only.

Participants with valid fee payment will get a dance card proving access to danse classes with NTNUI Dance. Ona may follow as many classes one desires, but be aware; some classes may collide or become full. Some classes have a limited amount of participants and requires sign-up, registration, audition or qualification before one is secured a spot.

For participiation in classes loceted at Sit Idrett's venues one must have admission access for the Sport Centres (Gløshaugen, Dragvoll and Portalen). More information:

Registration with NTNUI Dance automatically gives student license in the Norwegian Dance Association. The license is free and gives the same rights as normal license ("grunnlisens"). More information:

Personal information registered when signing up with NTNUI Dance will be used for registration with the Norwegian Dance Association. Information registered may also be used if you have registered for events with and by NTNUI Dance. You may at any time delete your user and any information with

Membership in NTNUI Dance gives access to financial support related to competition participation and stage appearances. Any financial support must be cleared in advance with section leader of your dance style and the leader of NTNUI Dance.