Participation in classes

If you want to join regular classes at NTNUI Dance, you need to become a member of NTNUI. In addition you must buy a dance card that gives access to all dance styles. NTNUI Dans operates with a free trial period the first two weeks of each semester. More information about this on each individual dance page.

1) To dance classes at any of the venues run by Sit Idrett you should become a member of SiT. Visit . SiT membership will give you access to all fitness opportunities at this organization incl. dance classes. If you are a student at NTNU, the NTNUI-membership will be included in the price for the SiT-membership. Please contact SiT if you have any questions about this.

2) NTNUI Dance card costs 600 NOK for the whole academic year. Participation in only the spring semester costs 300 NOK. Both alternativers will give you access to multiple dance classes at NTNUI Dance until summer. Check out the main page for all the dance styles you can choose from! The dance fee can be paid through our website after you have registered a user account. The receipt (sent to your e-mail) and SiT-training card must be shown at a dance class to one of the instructors. You will then be given a dance card as proof of your membership.

The dance card also provides you with discounted access to competitions, social events and weekend workshops organized by NTNUI Dance. This is Norway's cheapest and best dance school!

Not a student at NTNU? It is possible to apply for permission to become a member of NTNUI

If you are not NTNU student, but want to join NTNUI Dance, you must complete and submit an exemption application. Please download the form, fill it in and give it to your instructor or a section leader. Voluntary efforts stand high in NTNUI and your possibility to contribute will be a part of the evaluation of the application. You should mention in the form how you can contribute to NTNUI Dance along with the dance styles you primarily want to dance. Processing may take long time during busy periods, but normally you'll receive a response within two weeks.

To participate in weekend courses you do not need a dance card, however; the price for such events is usually higher than for NTNUI Dance card holders.